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Installing Xfce 4.8 on OpenBSD 5.0

After playing with FreeBSD for a few days, I’m back on my OpenBSD. First time I tried installing Xfce I gave up, due to some mouse problems and window manager issues. Now I’m back on track for installing this simple desktop environment, ready to fix all the problems.

The mouse problem arise probably due to the fact that my moue is a PS2 mouse, but it connect to my PC trough a PS2-to-USB adapter. I needed that so that my OS X could run on my system, since Apple’s operating system doesn’t had drivers for PS2 mouses. In OpenBSD, everytime I exited Xorg, my mouse would disconnect and stayed that way. Frustrating. So I removed the adapter and plugged my mouse in it’s intended location. Problem solved.

So let’s get on installing Xfce. I’ve used this website as a guide, but with some modifications (some packages couldn’t be found and some of them have different name now). If you already have a clean OpenBSD installed, just run this commands to have your Xfce desktop ready (there is no meta-package for Xfce, so we have to manually install everything):

# pkg_add -vi xfce4-session
# pkg_add -vi gtk-xfce-engine
# pkg_add -vi xfdesktop
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-appfinder
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-battery
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-clipman
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-dict
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-diskperf
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-fsguard
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-genmon
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-mailwatch
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-modemlights
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-mount
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-mpc
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-netload
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-notes
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-notifyd
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-places
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-quicklauncher
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-screenshooter
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-smartbookmark
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-systemload
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-taskmanager
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-time-out
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-verve
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-wavelan
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-weather
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-wmdock
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-xkb
# pkg_add -vi xfce-utils
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-terminal
# pkg_add -vi mousepad
# pkg_add -vi orage
# pkg_add -vi xfce4-mixer
# pkg_add -vi xfwm4
# pkg_add -vi xfwm4-themes
My initial problem with window bars missing was caused by failing to install xfwm4. Now it works, beautifully.
Don’t forget to modify your .initrc file accordingly (and comment any other lines, if necessary):
$ echo 'exec startxfce4' > .xinitrc
$ chmod +x .xinitrc
I haven’t installed a login manager yet, but this operation should be trivial and I’ll let it as an exercise for the reader :)
Update: Same procedure works for OpenBSD 5.1 as well.
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