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/usr disk space problem

I use the proposed auto-layout of my OpenBSD disk that is suggested during install. The problem is that, while /home partition is generous enough, /usr might be to small for some operations. For example, on a 20 GB hard-disk drive, the OpenBSD installer thinks that 2 GB is enough for /usr. Well, probably it is for some stuff, but when trying to compile TexLive from ports I’ve noticed that those 2 GB gets filled up near the end, making impossible to complete install the needed packages. The probem can be overcome simply and the process is described in OpenBSD FAQ, section 15.3.3. All we have to do to ease the stress on the /usr partition is to move the package handling operations to a partition with plenty of space, say /home. So edit your /etc/mk.conf like I did (if the file doesn’t exist, create it and add the following lines):


Don’t worry if you don’t have the /home/<user>/ports directory, the scripts will create it for you.

That’s it, now TexLive compiled and installed gently. The process took a few hours on my Intel Core2 Duo E6300.

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