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Powering down your OpenBSD

After running halt command, the system shuts down nicely, but one thing bugged ever since I’ve first played with OpenBSD: the system did not powered down without pressing the power button. I can live with that, but it’s rather frustrating and I thought that’s probably because OpenBSD doesn’t love my motherboard, though every modern operating systems knows how to power down my system without having me pressing the button (since my hardware is not the most recent one, it has around six years already).

After a quick online search, the solution for my problem revealed itself: it wasn’t a driver problem, it was just a script, /etc/rc.shutdown with a lonely line in it that reads:

powerdown=NO   # set to YES for powerdown

So, I obviously modified that into:

powerdown=YES   # set to YES for powerdown

and voilà, my system now is powering down nicely.

And if you want to be able to restart or halt your system as normal user, without sudo, just add your user to operator group:

$ sudo user mod -G operator john

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