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Permalinks and .htaccess

If you host a Wordpress blog, like I do, you may want to enable those pretty permalinks. Wordpress documentation will tell you what kin of .htaccess file you need in your base folder (meaning the same fodler where your index.php is located for your Wordpress webiste). That’s helpful, but you still need to do a few tricks to have it running on OpneBSD, if you don’t want to end up seeing 404 Errors all the time.

First of all, check if mod_rewrite is enabled for your httpd, by making sure that you have uncommented the following line from your /var/www/config/httpd.conf file:

LoadModule rewrite_module       /usr/lib/apache/modules/

Now you need to tell httpd to let you use .htaccess files on your webiste folder. You can do this by searching for this block:

AllowOverride None

and change it to 

AllowOverride All

Make sure you are within <Directory “/var/www/htdocs”> directive when you do this.

Now restart (or reload) your httpd. Change your permalinks settings from Wordpress and see the results.

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